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Children need music in their lives more than ever right now.

This semester, Alleghany JAM is pleased to offer classes in fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer. Due to the pandemic we have chosen to give private, 1-on-1 lessons to our students so they have the highest quality instruction possible until we are able to safely gather in group classes again. Most of these private lessons will be online but read below if your child needs in-person lessons.

Although private lessons usually cost a lot more than group classes we are keeping our tuition exactly the same for the fall semester (including discounts for those who need financial assistance or for families that have 2 or more kids attending AJAM.

Our teachers are making videos to go along with private lessons on our Alleghany JAM Youtube channel plus we have a brand new 100+ page Alleghany JAM Tune & Songbook we’re really excited about! Each registered student will get a free copy, (a learning aid for our lessons this year).

Space in our program is limited so register early to save your spot! Our children need music in their lives more than ever. We hope your child will choose to return and participate in Alleghany JAM’s music programs this semester.

Important Info:

  • Each student will get two 30 min lessons (24 lessons) with our teachers per week for 12 weeks. Week 1 starts September 7th and our season ends December 1st, 2020.
  • Most lessons will be online (Zoom) but some in-person, private lessons may be possible. Contact us at if you have questions. 
  • Parent-Guardians are responsible for driving their child to and from the AJAM house (360 N. Main St, Sparta, NC) for in-person lessons. Safety precautions (face coverings, social distance, etc…) are required.
  • Scheduling is flexible. Lessons can be scheduled directly with the teacher. Missed lessons will not be rescheduled. Good attendance is necessary to stay in the program. It is possible for two students to “buddy-up” and take lessons together on the same instrument if they are the same level. Please let us know if your child would like to do this and who with.
  • We provide discounts to those in financial need and families with 2 kids at AJAM.
  • The best way to register is online – use the form below. You can also complete print this registration form and mail it to Alleghany JAM, PO Box 1326, Sparta, NC, 28765. 
  • Please register by September 1st though we will still accept registrations until Sept. 8th. 
  • Cost: $130/semester normal fee (pay in one payment or $40/mo)$70/semester reduced fee (pay in one payment or $20/mo)
  • Fees are due and payable on the first day of enrollment. 
  • Fees may be paid on a monthly basis if approved by the Program Administrator. 
  • Student accounts that are in arrears must be paid in full by the 15th day of the following month.
  • Fees are not refundable.

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    Annual income less than $20,449; household of 2.
    Annual income less than $25,727; household of 3.
    Annual income less than $31,005; household of 4.
    Annual income less than $36,284; household of 5.
    Annual income less than $41,561; household of 6.
    Annual income less than $46,839; household of 7.
    Annual income less than $52,117; household of 8.

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